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About Us

Welcome To The Jewelee Ranch Web Site!!!

Here at the Jewelee Ranch we breed an assortment of Dogs & Horses. Dogs include: Labradoodles, & Golden Doodles. Horses include: Quarter Horses & Paint Horses. Thank you for visiting our site......

At the Jewelee Ranch we are devoted to raising beautiful, healthy, affectionate puppies and making them available to responsible dog lovers. The pups are raised in a loving family environment and are fully socialized. The large acreage provides plenty of room for our studs, brood bitches, and puppies to romp. The environment often lead folks visiting to jokingly comment that they wouldn't mind trading places with the livestock.

Weaned from mother at 6 1/2 weeks of age, the puppies are generally available for adoption at 8 weeks. The temperament of the males and females is basically the same. Neither sex is harder to house train, and both are equally intelligent and affectionate

We follow a vigorous state of the art vaccination and deworming program. Judging by the overwhelming majority of messages we receive from owners, our pups can be expected to retain their good health and vitality as they mature into adult dogs.

TRUE DOODLES. Out-crossing is the key to health and an important element in our breeding program. We do not line breed. We cross breed unrelated dogs - both F1 Labradoodles (Lab/Poodle,F1B Backcrosses (F1 Labradoodles/ unrelated Poodle)and Multi-generation Labradoodles (Labradoodle X unrelated Labradoodle). Unlike some breeders of "Labradoodles", we have never introduced other breeds into the gene pool - our puppies remain "true" Labradoodles, with only Poodle and Labradors in their genetic makeup.

Adults typically weight in the range from 45 to 85 pounds. Obviously, a host of factors including diet and exercise can influence growth and development and we cannot forecast nor guarantee adult sizes. The puppies come in a variety of colors, including blond, black, cafe au lait ,chocolate, cream and, infrequently, silver and red. Grooming requirements are minimal on our Doodles. They are wash-and-wear, if you will. Many owners trim their dogs themselves occasionally just to keep them looking neat and clean. And, of interest to many folks, our Doodles, whether low shed or noshed (prospective shed levels are not guaranteed), seem in most instances fully compatible with allergy sufferers.

Adopting a new puppy is like adding a new member to your family, hopefully for the next 10 to 15 years. At The Jewelee Ranch, breeder support is lifetime in scope. With a proven track record earned over many years, bringing home a puppy is quite different from buying from someone who may on occasion drop a classified advertisement in the newspaper or place a notice on the Internet relative to a litter or an expected litter and then, for all practical purposes, disappears or is not prepared and/or willing to offer professional advice and assistance pre and post sale.

APPEARANCE While a calm nature may be rightfully considered a secondary consideration in selecting a family pet, it is certainly a nice "add-on". You will appreciate the fact that our breeding program for Labradoodles (F1 and F1B Backcross) has retained much of the body structure and the physical handsomeness of the Labrador Retriever - by far the most popular AKC recognized breed in America.